WiFI Router Setup Guidance

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Need to know how to set up your Router? Here we’ll be covering every single thing about router IPs, right from logging in your router to set up your router’s wifi SSID and Passphrase.

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What is is basically an IP address which is used by network brands or router brands as well.

All network brands use this gateway or access point as a login.

Most of the firms set up such router to give permission to their network administrators admin access.

These network administrators further configure and troubleshoot the routers and networks of the firm. IP address supports router, AP, Bridge, Customer, Repeater modes to permit quite a few wi-fi applications, to provide users a much more dynamic and embracing wi-fi networking encounter.

Importance of IP Address?

Before starting with all the complicated procedures, let us first know little details about the ip address. Understand everything about any new work before will make things easy for your further work.

If the IP address of your router is When you access this IP address, you primarily establish control over the admin dashboard of your router.

Admin dashboard is the main thing in the IP system. You can make several changes with the help of your admin dashboard.

For example, you can change the WiFi SSID and password process done. Changes are the most important thing for your IP security.

Also, you can block several devices and users from accessing your WiFi network or Wifi internet. So, gaining access to the admin dashboard is the most important thing to do when you are setting up your IP address

Now, need to move further to set up your IP address login. You can set up your router IP very easily.

Note: If you are a beginner then, you need to check the default username and password list for your IP address will be available on the router’s manufacturing websites.

How to Login IP Address? (Step by step)

Log in to IP address is not really heavy thing.

Below steps help easily and accurately to configure IP.

Here are the steps to log in router IP:

1. Firstly, you need to open your browser.

2. Now, type your IP address, that is in the URL bar (address bar).

3. Press enter button after typing the entire IP address which you need to log in like IP. (Please be sure you do not make any mistake while entering the IP address.)

4. After this, you will be redirected to the new page that will display a login dashboard.

5. This dashboard will be asked for your own username and password.

6. Enter pre-existing or default username and password and next step will take you to the admin panel to your IP

You can either continue with the default credentials or change them according to your convenience.

How to Change The Username and Password of Your Router?

Everyone gives you the advice to change the username and password of your router after 10-15 days.

Because of the default username and password easily available on the manufacturer’s website.

So, anyone can create problems for you or peek into your admin panel.

In a single sentence, your router will be at higher risk of getting hacked.

That’s the reason why need to change every default username and password first?

Beside are the steps which help you to change default username and password.

1. Start from the open browser and enter IP address to address bar.

2. Press Enter button.

3. After that enter your pre-existing username and password for login.

4. Next, you need to go to management option on your admin panel. You will see access control option there right after you click the management option. (Now you will be able to change the pre-existing password of your router IP from the access control window.)

5. After entering the new password as per your choice click on the save button. This button saves all the changes you have made.

Sometimes different manufacturer put up various options, and certain routers have a different method of changing credentials like pre-existing username and password.

So, in any case, your manufacturer’s website will always solve all your problems.

If they are not helping you then comment below or directly contact us via admin@192-168-1-1-ip.net

Setting Up Your Router’s Wifi SSID & Passphrase

The simple way to setting up router’s WiFi SSID and Passphrase. WiFi SSID is heavy to read but it is too simple to change. WiFi SSID in simple language is WiFi username.

It means that you want to change WiFi SSID (WiFi username) that is not similar to other networks.

WiFi password is the password that needs to be entered to connect with certain WiFi network.

Setting up a passphrase will certainly add a simple layer of protection to your Wifi network. This process saves your network from all types of hackers.

So now we are going to give you step-by-step details to change or set up the WiFi SSID and Passphrase.

Look at the below steps:

1. Initially, you must log in to admin panel of the router network.

2. After reaching to admin panel, go to the wireless setting of your network.

3. Now you need to delete the already existing name of your network or the WiFi SSID.

4. After these, type the network name as per your choice in the WiFi SSID section.

5. At the right below in the WiFi SSID column, you will find the section of Passphrase.

6. Now you need to delete the Passphrase that is already there and type the Passphrase as per your choice.

7. After completing editing and making changes. Now click on the Apply Setting button. This will saves all the changes you have made right now. (Do not miss out on this step or you will have to repeat the entire process again.)

After every changes done successfully.

It’s time to connect with your new WiFi network.

Errors During Login to IP

There are chances that you may come across a certain error while trying to log into your Router’s Admin Panel.

We know a few errors you may face, so, we have listed some solutions below.

You may use these solutions to log in into your admin dashboard.

1. Cache data can cause a problem in login. So, make sure that your cache data is clear. If not, then clear the cache of your browser.

2. Sometimes pop-up blockers, ad blockers, and firewalls can also cause issues while logging in. So, try signing in after switching off all the ad blockers, pop-up blockers, and firewalls.

3. Try to sign from other devices as well.

However, even after trying all these steps your problem still continues, then only one solution is left.

The last and the most appropriate solution is factory reset.

A factory reset can solve your login problem.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to factory reset your router.

These steps are:

1. Flip your router and look for a reset button. Most routers have a reset button at the back.

2. Press the button after you find it. You will require an extremely pointed object or a safety pin like an object to press the button.

3. Keep pressing the button for 10-30 seconds. This takes your router in the factory reset mode.

4. You can now try to log in to the admin panel using your devices.

Factory reset resolves the problem in way too many cases. However, If things still remain the same for you. You must take a screen shot and send it to us for technical support.

So, there remain quite a few non-technological concerns which must be cared for to keep the router operating.

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