Default Router Username And Password List in 2021 [UPDATED]

This is one of the most irritating WiFi issues which is facing lots of people when they want to adjust settings but and they don’t know what is the default username and password of their router manufacturing company.

  • Synology router default password - admin, empty password;
  • NETGEAR - admin/admin, admin/password, empty/1234;
  • ZTE - admin/admin;
  • ZYXEL - admin/admin, new models immediately open web-configurator, where you will need to set your own username/password;
  • Keenetic GIGA - admin/1234;
  • Tenda - admin/admin, empty/admin;
  • MikroTik - admin/empty, empty/empty;
  • HUAWEY - root/admin, admin/admin;
  • Alcatel - root/admin, admin/admin, empty/admin;
  • NETIS - on older models the login to settings is not password-protected, on newer models - guest/guest@XXXX (where XXXX is the last digit of the router's MAC-address);
  • XIAOMI - access to the settings is open (login and password must be set by yourself);
  • AT&T router default password - adminnistrator/password

By the way, if it was available that would definitely help, but as a digital traveler. We find the problem in OYO’s and rented rooms all over the world. It working with tons of different routers model and basically, the packaging information that came along with it has long since and also in another language entirely.

I know that many others get upset due to this problem. So we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of default username and password for router login as per their manufactures company.

At this situation, our Router IP address lookup tool help you to get your router IP address so that, you can directly reached to your current router’s admin panel like,, and so on IPs.

How to Get Default Username And Password List?

You just select your router brand and check your router model behind a router and get default username and password list of searching router.

Mostly Linksys, Netgear, and D- Link design lots of routers and the searching default username and password list of such brand is too heavy and headache.

So the reason behind publish such kind of information for the user who is suffering from “what is the default username and password of my router brand?” provide you the default router username and password for the make and model that you are working with.

Simply you need to search your router brand in the search box below, and all the information that you need to log in nd change settings as per your requirement.

Let’s do it! And get default username and password of your router brand.!

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