How to Find Router IP Address? // Simple Way

IP Address is pretty important and plays a vital role in the configuration of your network or configure your router IP address. There are many times when we just want to make a few changes in the router IP Address setting.

Changes in the router setting can only be made through the access panel. You need your router’s IP address to access the admin dashboard.

So, you must always pen down your router IP address in a safe place. However, if you have forgotten to pen down your router IP address and cannot remember it now, don’t worry, this situation is nothing too serious.

find router IP Address
find router IP Address

You can retrieve your router IP address by following certain steps. These steps vary depending upon the operating system you have.

So, reading through the article will give you solution depending upon your operating system. By the end of this guide, you will successfully be able to find the IP address of your router.

But, before going any further, let us know everything about the IP address.

About Router IP Address

In the framework’s organization world, a default entrance is an IP address that traffic gets sent to when it’s set out toward an objective outside the present framework.

On most home and free endeavor frameworks—where you have a single switch and a couple of related devices—the switch’s private IP address is the default door.

All contraptions on your framework send traffic to that IP address obviously. Windows contraptions consider this the “default entry” in the interface.

Macs, iPhones, and iPads fundamentally call it “switch” in their interfaces.

In addition, on various devices, you may essentially watch “section” or something tantamount.

The IP address for your switch is basic since that is the area, you’ll have to type into your program to discover your switch’s electronic setup page where you can mastermind its settings.

IP addresses generally have a similar format. All the IP address consist of 4 number that is separated by a full stop. A house framework’s IP address will start with 192.168.

Switches regularly have IP will in general like or All switches have an electronic interface and, in this manner, they are arranged with a web program.

However, there are certain routers that can be gotten to by name (they by and large catch DNS ask for). But most of the routers can be accessed with the help of their IP address.


Below discussed are some of the most commonly used operating systems. You will definitely find yours too. Here are some of the steps that will help you to find your router’s IP address.


Finding the IP address on windows is pretty too simple. You do not have to worry if you are not too good with computers. You do not need any technical knowledge to find an IP address in a windows computer.

You just need to read the pointers below with a little concentration and follow the steps listed.

So, here are the few steps that you have to follow:

1. The first step is to turn on your PC and straight away head to the command prompt. When you open the command prompt, you will see a dialog box on your screen.

2. Type ‘ipconfig’ in the command prompt dialog box and press enter or OK right after that.

3. This will open the IP configuration of your PC. Now you have to search for the term Default Gateway. The numbers written in front of the default gateway is the IP address of your router.

4. Enter the IP address in your browser and configure your router as per your choice.


Finding an IP address in an iOS device is absolutely very simple. Simpler than what you do in a Windows PC or laptop. The process of finding the IP on your device totally depends on the iOS you are using.

For instance, the process for iOS 10, 9 and 8 is somewhat extremely similar. So, if your iOS device has an IP, you can find it with the help of the steps listed below.

FOR iOS 8, 9, AND 10:

1. Unlock your phone and go to the system setting of your device. You will see an option named WIFI on your device, open it. Then, long press or click the wifi network you are connected with.

2. It will open up a tab with various information. You will find the router in the DHCP section. The numbers written in front of that is your IP address.

The steps are pretty similar for the other 3 iOS versions as well, such as iOS 7, iOS 6, and iOS 5.


There are typically two ways of finding the IP address on a MAC OS. Both the ways are pretty simple, and you do not need any technical supervision.

Just follow the steps listed below carefully, and you will be able to find the IP address with the utmost ease.

These steps are:


2. Type ‘netstat –nr | grep default’ in the terminal window.

3. This will give you your gateway or IP address. Use this to log into your router.

Another way of finding the IP address:

1. Click on the Apple menu on the top left corner of your MAC device. You will see system preferences over there.

2. Choose system preferences.

3. You will see a network icon in the system preferences. Click the icon.

4. Choose your network and click the advance button right after selecting your network.

5. Choose the TC/IP tab to find your IP address.


Follow the steps below to find your IP address:

Applications >> System tools >> Terminal. Type ‘ipconfig’ in the terminal.

Search for the term ‘inet addr,’ numbers written beside it will be your IP address.


Taking help from a third-party app named WIFI Analyzer is indeed one of the best options. All you need to do is install it on your device.

Once the app is downloaded, open it and tap on the view menu. Now, select the AP list option. You will also see the network you are connected with there. Tap on the network to find out your router’s IP.


1. Click the notification area from the taskbar.

2. Next, you will see the name of the connected network.

3. Tap on the name.

4. Click on Network to access all the information related to your network.

It will display the IP address of your router.

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